Who is Mr Heggart?

December 26, 2011Posted by Keith


Mr Heggart is a riddle. Mr Heggart is a conundrum. Mr Heggart is an enigma. Actually, Mr Heggart is a teacher. He is 30 years old, has lived in the UK and Australia, but was born in Zimbabwe, is thinking of getting a tattoo for his birthday, and recently got married to Mrs Heggart. He was had a career in teaching and a short one in the ADF. He lives in Penrith, NSW, but supports the ACT Brumbies, Hawthorn and the Brisbane Broncos - in about that order. He is a teacher, which he thoroughly enjoys. Mr Heggart wishes he spoke another language or could play a musical instrument, but he can't... yet.

Mr Heggart's interests are many and varied. Here are just a few:

  • The use of technology to support and assist in learning. (Mr Heggart recently became an Apple Distinguished Educator)
  • Innovative approaches to schools and curricula to combat disaffection amongst teens.
  • Building websites and iphone applications using HTML, CSS, JAVA, Objective-C etc.
  • The Australian Labor Party
  • Woodworking - see photos in the blog of some of my projects.
  • Raising money through charitable acts. See the Buccaneers page in the links.
  • Home Brewing - see the Talon Brewery page in the links.
  • Computer games - but especially RPGs. Mr Heggart has written some reviews, as well.
  • Civics and Citizenship Education.